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Having access to reliable and trustworthy information is one of the prerequisites for building a successful oil trading career. This is precisely what Trade Oil Daily is here to offer. Our services are based on personal experience. We’ve worked hard on developing the right oil trader strategy through the years and the data you get access to today is based on this know-how.

Does Trade Oil Daily have the right data for your trading needs? Would you find everything you’re looking for on the platform? You can find out by signing up for a week-long free trail access. Once you complete the quick subscription process, you’ll get access to our daily targets without having to pay for the service.

If you’re satisfied with the quality of data within the one-week period (and we’re confident that you’re going to be), you can move on to getting the paid subscription and receiving reliable information day after day.

Are you passionate about becoming a successful oil trader? Do you want to learn the secret? We believe that reliable information is the biggest one. Buy access to our website for a seamless trading experience on a daily basis.

Quality, Reliable Daily Signals

At Trade Oil Daily, we believe in the success of the strategy that we’ve developed for oil traders. Our daily targets simplify things and make it possible for everyone to get started, regardless of experience level.

Do you know what the right time for buying and selling oil is? By becoming a Trade Oil Daily subscriber you will. We’ve achieved an 80 percent success rate in trades. Still, you’re the only one who decides about the specific target to follow.

We believe that the personal experience we’ve accumulated through the years increases the quality and the relevance of our oil trading service. We believe that everybody deserves to make profit through trading without having to accept a massive risk. That’s how the Trade Oil Daily service came into existence.

Joining Trade Oil Daily is a Piece of Cake

All that you have to do is choose the package that’s better suited to your individual needs. There’s a weekly program (starting at 30 pounds) and a monthly package (available at 90 pounds). If you choose the weekly package, you’ll get one week for free after signing up. If you prefer the monthly subscription, you’ll benefit from a half price offer for the first two months.

Payments are made via Paypal for added security and convenience.

Once you’ve signed up, a password will be generated and sent to your email address. Use this password to log in and access the daily oil trading signals. Get signals for that day: Our pivot 48.85. Long position around 49, target 49.40 (around 40 pips profit).

Our oil price target can be posted at any time during the day or night.

Our subscribers will be alerted via mail when our target is posted and also if we close the position before the target being reached.

If the daily target has already been reached, we recommend keeping your cool! Wait for the next day and the next opportunity.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or you require assistance for signing up. We’ll be more than happy to guide you through the process.

What you need to do?

You have to buy access to our website for:

                     £30    -One week access to our daily target


        I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions

        A password will be created once you order one of the aforementioned services via e-mail. With that password, you have to log into our website in order to get signals for daily oil trading. Please note that the customers will get the login details in 1-2 working after receipt of order.

        This is how you are going to do it:

          • Fill in the Username with your E-mail address
          • Put the code received via e-mail in the space provided for password
          • Log into our system
          • Get signals for that day: Long possition around 49, target 49.40 (around 40 pips profit).
          • Our oil price target can be posted at any time during the day or night.
          • Every subcriber will be alerted via mail when our target is posted.
          • If the target is already reached, it is recommended not to stress and wait for the next day.



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